February 21, 2007 at 10:14 pm (calorie counting, calories, exercise, weight, weight loss, Winsor pilates)

calorie intake: 1622

calories burned: 2069

Total calorie deficit: 447

W-T-D: 1360/1500

So. Got a scale today. Um yeah, I thought I had gained 25 or so pounds, up form when I was 135. So I gained FIFTY, 5-0 pounds. I had been calculating my calories under the assumption that I weighed about 160. I weight 185 people @_@ It’s surprising, but kinda comforting, cuz at least I know it wasn’t 25 pounds that put me up 2 sizes (i can’t kid… it’s inching up on 3), but it took a lot more than that. So my calculations, starting today, are based off the new weight. As you can see the burned calories are higher since, um, I have more mass to do the burning, basically. @_@ So, today on out, I’ll be going by the more accurate scale weight ^^U

It’s kinda a re-motivator, though ^^U AND I should remember that I HAVE been doing pilates for about a month, and that builds up a bit of muscle, so yeah. I have my target weight at 135 because I know I was happy with my size at that point, but maybe with the actually exercise I’m doing I should more realistically look at 145 as a happy WEIGHT for me.

As long as the inches are gone, I’m happy ^~


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