February 8, 2007 at 10:23 pm (calorie counting, calories, exercise, treadmil, weight, weight loss, Winsor pilates)

Calorie intake: 1116

Calories expended: 1941

Total calorie deficit: 825

Ate in again today. What a huge difference it makes @_@!!! And I bought whole wheat spaghetti for dinner, which lowered my calories quite a bit. I feel like something must be wrong, cuz I’m basically eating the same stuff, and I feel like I probably won’t see any changes. BUT, I have to remind myself that, first off, I’m exercising now and I wasn’t doing that before. And second, I’m paying attention and measuring everything, so my portions ARE less… I’m not DUMPING sugar in my tea, not SMOTHERING peanut butter on my bread, and I’ve avoided snacking almost COMPLETELY all week. If I keep these numbers up, I’m gonna need to eat a Special K bar everyday at work! I’ve been doing a GOOD job of including some kind of fruit into my breakfast/lunch everyday. Like today was pb&j sandwich with an orange, yesterday oatmeal with an apple. In fact, I’m out of fruit for tomorrow 😦 SO I’m gonna run by Henry’s Whole Foods and pick up some healthy stuff 🙂 Tiara’s being really supportive of my food choices and wants to eat healthy with me, so that helps a LOT. I think tomorrow I’m gonna make veggie tacos for us. I’m cringing at the idea of the oil to fry the tortillas in, but I’m hoping to find some low-cal low-fat oil at Henry’s (i REALLY don’t wanna by those crispy shells >P).

I got my mile in under 20 minutes today, too. Clocked in at 19:30… still a ways off from the 14 or 15 minute miles I had to do in school, but at least I can go at my own pace and not wanna die.

Baaaaaby steps 🙂


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