January 26, 2007 at 2:45 pm (calorie counting, calories, weight loss)

So, I found the above site and did a little thing that estimates how many calories I burn a day just by doing regular, human things. It put me at 1800, add the pilates to that and it’s about 1880, so I need to eat fewer calories than that for weight loss. Randomly, I’ve actually been staying below 1800 for the past couple days, and I’m not even really dieting right now — I’m just figuring up what the heck I’m eating. Since another site said I probably need about 1600 for weight maintenance, I’m thinking a 1400-1500 calorie per day diet might be beneficial. I won’t be denying myself, per se, but I’ll just be watching how much of what I eat, when I eat it.

For me, right now, the trick is keeping myself from snacking. Right now there’s nothing in the apartment to snack on, but an hour or two after dinner I feel the munchies rise up. I’ve been good about squelching them, but I know they’ll get the best of me eventually. We need to go shopping this weekend, so I wanna get carrots and apples. I wanna get fruits and veggies, but I’m so hesitant to spend the money on them because they normally go bad before we get to them. I don’t like perishables @_@ But its to my advantage that Tiara’s a vegetarian and so I basically eat as such. Veggie food is so much healthier ^^

But all this calorie stuff makes me wonder… I’m not doing much different with my diet right now than I have for a while… so why have I been gaining weight? Is it the lack of exercise? Or maybe there were little things here and there I would eat and think insignificant, but now that I’m logging everything it’s lower cuz I’m NOT having all those little “insignificant” things?

We shall see…


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