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January 25, 2007 at 12:12 pm (exercise, treadmil, weight, weight loss, Winsor pilates)

For right now I think this might be a weight-loss journal. I have another journal that I use regularly, but I kinda like wordpress. Maybe I’ll move over later on — you never know!

I just started Winsor Pilates this week and have started keeping track of how many calories I eat. I’m not dieting yet, I’m just trying to see where I am exactly and what I might need to do to improve. Once I get a tape measure I want to start weekly measurements, so hopefully that’ll go up this weekend. I’m not worried so much about poundage, but more about actual size, so I won’t be measuring my success (or not) with a scale. I’m also looking at keeping my calorie intake around 1600 a day or lower. I’m 5’1” and about 160, give or take five pounds. A size 14 is starting to get tight on me, and I ideally want to get back down to a size 10. I think I looked pretty good then, and I know I FELT good. I’m not asking for too much 🙂

So far this week:
Sunday: Basics & 20 minute workout

Monday: 20 minute workout

Tuesday: 20 minute workout. 1840 cal intake.

Wednesday: 20 minute workout, 20 minutes on the treadmil. 1635 cal intake.



  1. Tiara said,

    You know you want to be a WordPressian.

  2. James Hunaban said,

    Try drinking lots of green tea as part of a diet plan, it’s great stuff.

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